“The development of people in any organisation is the most important aspect of leadership. It’s all very well having guidance from a manager, but if you don’t relate that well, how do you value the manager’s opinion / or even learn and take it on board.  Having an external person to your organisation allows for independent and more open discussions as you don’t need to worry about discussion points getting back to your manager.” – IT Operations Manager

Whether you are new to a role, or whether you need an opportunity to discuss issues or concerns with someone who is not involved in your day-to-day business, coaching & mentoring can offer huge benefits to you and your organisation.

We offer a service that is “just enough”, providing you with the right level of support when you need it as you progress through your career or to help you get started in a new or challenging role when you feel like you just need that supporting arm.

One of the best ways to hold mentoring discussions is to walk and talk. Let me know if this interests you and we can schedule the meetings to suit and include a good walk to refresh the mind at the same time as the body.

Coaching is aimed at helping an individual achieve specific personal or professional goals by providing guidance.  Mentoring is aimed at helping an individual develop skills and knowledge for personal and professional growth.

New Manager / Team Leads

Balancing the call to be all things to all people, ensuring a stable and effective production environment and potentially having your team stretched across BAU and projects, is a stressful place to be.  Having the ability to call upon someone to discuss options or ideas in a safe environment can give you that opportunity to stop and think.

Here, we offer the opportunity to spend a few initial days with the individual to help identify and build upon any gaps in role specific skills , with ongoing interactions either on-site or remotely to provide follow-ups and checkpoints.

Examples of where this may benefit you are:

  • Helping to communicate to senior management about what is happening and why you are unable to keep delivering more
  • How to manage disengaged or problem staff
  • How to bridge the gap between what you do and what the wider business thinks you do

People management

Moving into a new role where you are expected to manage people on a day-to-day basis can be daunting. Whether you are a new team leader, project manager or have just inherited a team of people with different personalities to those you are used to, being able to call on us to work through scenarios and discuss options on how to handle situations can save alot of time and reduce the onset of grey hair.

Looking to grow

If you are looking to progress into a leadership or management role, but don’t feel you are quite ready for it yet, mentoring can help by focussing on particular skills to help you make that move.