On-line training

We understand that in New Zealand it is not always easy to obtain funding to send people on training courses, often incurring additional travel and accommodation costs and at times that don’t suit you.  Online training allows you to undertake the professionally produced training whenever and from wherever you want.

We also understand that some people prefer to be able to talk through scenarios while they are learning. We can offer this additional support and advice as well as enabling you to have pre-booked on-site assistance to clarify points that may be confusing.

All online courses are offered by IT Training Zone Ltd (ATO)





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Why train online?

  • Lower cost – eliminate all travel/hotel expenses and reduce your time away from other priorities
  • Any time, any place, any device online access – to all of your training resources and materials
  • Focus is on learning – rather than cramming for an exam in a few days, online training focusses on the retention of knowledge
  • Courses are guaranteed – no last minute cancellations or re-scheduling
  • Content on demand – allows you to pick up where you left off at any time
  • Core messages are always consistently delivered to you – regardless of time and location
  • Control the pace of the action – you can read, watch, listen and learn as many times as you want
  • Make the most your time – by skipping familiar sections and spend more time on other material
  • Mixed media repeats the message to you in different formats to stimulate interest and aid retention.

Why ITSM Zone?
We have partnered with ITSM Zone (IT Training Zone) who specialise in the global delivery of fully accredited online training. They provide superior customer learning experiences by ensuring that every stage of the course production and delivery process is managed precisely. They provide flexible, anytime / anyplace access to accredited courseware – backed by knowledgeable and friendly expert tutors and support staff.

Typical course content

Our online training course contents typically include: –

    • Extended video tutorials – with professionally recorded narrative

  • Detailed PDF study guides – yours to download, print-out and keep
  • Online quizzes and exercises – to help aid your memory retention
  • Sample exam papers – with answers and examiners rationale
  • Supporting materials – including the official course syllabus and the Glossary
  • Personalised course completion certificate – your proof of completion
  • Full tutor support via email – from our Expert tutor team
  • Final examination – delivered online with instant on-screen results (Information about online exams can be found here)
 Business Simulation Workshops

People are often sent on training courses to gain knowledge of particular subjects.  Usually, people are given the theory in traditional classroom courses or e-learning modules and are then left to gain the experience in a real life, often mission critical, environment, without guidance or support; then people complain that the best practice is no good, whereas a lot of the problems are associated with our inability to translate the theory into practice, and not understanding how to apply it.

A business simulation game is a form of experiential learning, or learning-by-doing. People learn, in a number of game rounds, to translate theory into practice. They learn how to use the theory to achieve measurable results.  

Does this mean that they need to have attended a training course first? No, not at all.  By attending a business simulation with no preconceptions of the theory of “how to do it”, people learn as much as those who have attended training.  Sometimes more.

Are business simulation games only for IT? Again, no. Business simulation workshops like The Phoenix Project, allow those from the wider business to experience what IT experiences and learn how to build a closer working relationship with IT in a “safe” environment where everyone can try and fail, or try and succeed, without a business impact.

To find out more about The Phoenix Project business simulation workshop select the image below.