1. The person registered to take the course will be the person who takes the examination and the details will reflect the true identity of the learner. The learner understands that records will be kept on a data base owned by Gander Service Management as well as those data bases owned by participating organisations. As such candidate information will be used only for the purpose of audit verification, feedback information and collective anonymous data. From time to time the Supplier and/or awarding bodies may audit the course and to this end you may be contacted to arrange this. Audits are simply to affirm the identity of the learner and to obtain feedback about the course.
  2. Feedback about the course is welcome. In the event your employer has arranged the course then feedback would normally be provided to him or her. You can also provide us with direct feedback by e-mailing [to be added] Feedback can include your thoughts about content, image, access etc.
  3. The course is designed to provide the learner with essential knowledge and to test this knowledge to the required level. Responsibility for the application of this knowledge is solely the learner’s responsibility and not the liability of Gander Service Management Ltd or participating organisations.
  4. The written and graphic content are copyright and should not be reproduced or copied in any way shape or form. The content including the examination is intended for single learner use and is subject to quality assurance arrangements agreed with Gander Service Management Ltd or its licensors from time to time. Within these arrangements the learner will not allow multiple use of the learning material and the examination is to be completed without assistance from others. The learner will regard any copies of questions and answers as confidential and should not be reproduced.
  5. The learner understands that deliberately going against these terms and conditions could affect the value of the course for compliance both for yourself as an individual and for your organisation. It could also result in the withdrawal of your certificate.

By accessing a course offered by Gander Service Management Ltd you declare that you understand these terms and conditions and abide by them to the best of your ability. You also declare that you are the true identity associated with the details you have provided and are the person who will be completing the course and examination.